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This article will talk about 000523 and the knowledge points corresponding to 000523 bar. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. 2021 Top Ten Rankings of Lighting Lamps 2. What happened to Guangzhou Langqi’s loss of 572 million yuan in inventory? 3. What funds are there in the white sugar sector? 4. What are the stocks of White Sugar? The top ten brands of lighting fixtures, the top ten are Philips/Philips, the world's top 500 companies. Founded in 1891, it belongs to the Royal Philips of the Netherlands. It is a company focusing on diversified technologies. Meaningful innovations in lighting and lighting improve people's quality of life. The top ten lighting brands are NVC Lighting, Opple Lighting, Qilang, Sunterri, Songwei Lighting, Yilai, Juhao Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Foshan Lighting, and Sanxiong Aurora. Top ten rankings of lighting fixtures: OPPLE, Philips Lighting, FSL Foshan Lighting, TCL Lighting, Huayi Lighting, Midea Lighting, AOZZO Aodo, NVC Lighting NVC, Great Lighting Great, Sanxiong Aurora Pak. Yimei Lighting Yimei Lighting was founded in 2004, focusing on LED lighting fixtures, integrating R&D, production and sales. The products are exported to dozens of countries in Europe, North America and Oceania, and enjoy a high reputation and reputation overseas. Opal/Opal Company name: Opple Lighting Co., Ltd. Establishment time: August 1996 Company profile: Opple Lighting is a comprehensive large-scale lighting enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a well-known brand of energy-saving lamps and ceiling lamps. What happened to Guangzhou Langkey’s loss of 572 million yuan in inventory? There are management loopholes in the content of Langkey. Nearly 500 million yuan of inventory will disappear for no reason, which shows that Longkey's internal management has major problems. 100 million "laundry liquid" suddenly disappeared] Guangzhou Langqi announced that the company's 7.2 billion yuan in inventory disappeared. Relevant personnel of the company went to Ruili Warehouse and Huifeng Warehouse many times, but they were unable to carry out the normal inventory and sampling inspection of goods. Both Hongshen Company and Huifeng Company denied that they kept the goods stored by the companies. In fact, the loss of inventory did not only occur in Guangzhou Langqi, but also in other companies. The disappearance of Longkey's inventory has also caused a certain impact on society, and it has also sounded a wake-up call for other companies. The inventory of 100 million yuan is 1/3 of the inventory of Guangzhou Langqi in the first half of 2020. These inventories are very important to Guangzhou Langqi. Once lost, it will also have a great impact on Guangzhou Langqi. It has had a great impact and caused a large decline, and it has already fallen by the limit. Guangzhou Langqi (00052SZ), an old-fashioned daily chemical company with a market value of less than 4 billion yuan and mostly unknown, became the focus of the market because it revealed on the evening of September 27 that its inventory with a book value of 7.2 billion yuan might be at risk, and triggered a series of domino effects : On September 28, the stock price directly fell to the limit, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange quickly issued a letter of concern. What funds are there in the white sugar sector 1. White sugar stocks include: Liangguang Stock (000833), Guangdong Ganhua (000576), Huazi Industry (600191), COFCO Sugar (600737), Guannong (600251), Guangzhou Langqi (000523 ), Nanning Sugar (000911), Baolingbao (600251). 2. Place an order to buy sugar ETF: Once you understand the relevant information of sugar ETF and confirm that your securities account has been opened, you can place an order to buy sugar ETF on the stock exchange. 3. The base period for the release of the index is December 30, 2005, and the base point is 1000 points. It selects agricultural products as the core representative varieties, covering rice, wheat, cotton, sugar, rapeseed oil, rapeseed meal and other varieties. In addition, there are some index funds that track commodity stock indexes in the market, which can indirectly participate in the price rise of commodities. 4. The price of white sugar underestimated by the market is expected to double by the end of the year and may rise to 20 cents/lb. The hedge fund firm manages $100 million in assets. 1 India temporarily withdraws from the international market. Russia will begin to increase import tariffs on raw sugar next year, which will stimulate importers to purchase Brazilian raw sugar in advance. 5. These are all defensive sectors under weakness. Such funds include Wanjia public utilities (pure industry funds, but the performance of this fund has always been poor), energy-themed funds, China Shipping Energy Strategy, Invesco Energy Infrastructure and other stocks. What are the stocks of white sugar 1. The listed companies that produce white sugar 000523 include Nanning Sugar Co., Ltd., Guangxi Guitang Co., Ltd., Beijing Shunxin Agricultural Co., Ltd., Baotou Huazi Industrial Co., Ltd., and COFCO Tunhe Sugar Co., Ltd. Ltd. etc. 2. White sugar stocks include: Yuegui (000833), Guangle Ganhua (00576), Huazi Industrial (600191), COFCO Sugar (600737), Guannong (600251), Guangzhou Langqi (000523), Nanning Sugar (000911), Baolingbao (002286) and so on. 3. Guannong stock 600251000523, a small sugar leader with the lowest sugar production cost in China. Guangdong Ganhua stock 000576000523, a high-quality white sugar trader in South China. That’s all for the introduction of 000523. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about 000523 and 000523, don’t forget to search on this site.

000523➺000523 bar

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