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Is purple puerh tea a good tea↹What is Puerh purple tea

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This article will tell you whether purple puerh tea is good tea, and the knowledge points corresponding to what Puerh purple tea is. Helpful, don't forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. How does Zicuckoo Puer tea taste and what health benefits does it have? 2. Which grade of Pu’er tea is the purple bud? 3. Is Jinuoshan Pu’er tea purple delicious? Because the tea polyphenols in Pu'er tea can promote the metabolism of ethanol, it has a protective effect on the liver. The effect of Pu'er Zijuan tea: relieve hay fever and other allergies. Enhances the elasticity of arteries, veins and capillaries. Protects the inner walls of arteries. Zicuckoo Pu'er tea has the effects of promoting body fluid to quench thirst, anti-oxidation, clearing heat and relieving heat, relieving dryness, replenishing water needed by the body, promoting digestion, diuresis and relieving fatigue, and refreshing the mind. Reasonable drinking can promote body metabolism and has anti-fatigue , Fresh breath effect. Zijuan green tea lowers blood pressure by 35.53%, which is better than Yunnan big-leaf green tea. At present, on the basis of developing Zijuan antihypertensive health tea, Yunnan Provincial Tea Research Institute is increasing the breeding of Zijuan tea tree varieties, and expects to develop and utilize them in weight loss and blood sugar reduction. The one I drank was sweet, with a very good aftertaste and no bitterness. The content of anthocyanins is relatively high, anti-aging, but some people do not support drinking. Properly blooming for a few years may have a better effect on the body through subtle effects. Lowering fat, losing weight, lowering blood pressure, anti-arteriosclerosis. Drinking Pu'er tea for a long time can reduce cholesterol and glyceride, so drinking Pu'er tea has the effect of losing weight. Drinking Pu'er tea can relax people's blood vessels, lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate, and reduce blood flow in the brain, so it has a good therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis. Which grade of Pu-erh tea purple buds is Yunnan spring-erh tea Pu-erh purple bud tea is the best black tea in Yunnan. Is purple puerh tea a good tea, a variant of the original species of the group, and red letter seven red puerh tea is also a unique existence among puerh teas. Purple bud tea belongs to Pu'er tea. Purple bud tea is a finished or semi-finished product formed by processing green tea from young tea trees with purple buds and leaves. Among the cultivated tea trees in my country, there are not many buds and leaves that are purple, so purple bud tea is relatively rare and a rare and precious variety. Purple bud is a variant of the original species of the Yunnan population. It is a large-leaf arbor tea. The bud head is purple. Usually, the three leaves are all purple, and the subsequent leaves are dark green. Menghai, Yi There are a small amount in high-altitude areas such as Wuzhou and Lincang, and the purple buds in Lincang are relatively good. Is purple bud tea delicious in Jinuo Mountain? Just because purple bud tea is an ancient tree, that is, old tree tea, the cost of picking is relatively high, and the output is very rare. Therefore, in the eyes of many tea industry insiders, it is a Pu'er's best preferred collection. Keno cottage tea can be bought. Jinuo’s Shanzhai Pu’er tea has a mellow taste, strong tea fragrance and endless aftertaste. The characteristic of this Pu’er tea is that it tastes good. More than 90% of the cost of genuine ancient tree pure Pu’er tea is spent on raw materials and craftsmanship. Pu'er tea Jinuoshan is better than Yiwu tea Jinuoshan. According to relevant inquiries, the Pu-erh tea in the Yiwu area is bitter and astringent, and the mouth fullness is not good. The Pu-erh tea in the Jinuoshan area has a quick aftertaste, high quality, and a delicate taste. This depends on the taste of the individual drinking tea. Nannuo Mountain Pu'er Tea features: It is a large-leaved tree species, slightly bitter, long and tightly knotted cords; the soup color is orange and translucent. With the fragrance of honey and Lan, the fragrance of Guhua tea is as light as lotus. The bitterness is weak, the astringent taste lasts longer than the bitterness, the sweetness is quicker, and there is body fluid. The location of Youleshan Puer Tea: Located in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province, the six ancient tea mountain tea areas, the only Zhengshan that is not in Mengla County. It was named Youle in ancient times, but it is now called Jinuo Mountain, and Youle is the transliteration of Jinuo. This is the end of the introduction to Is Purple Puerh Tea a Good Tea? Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. For more information about what Pu’er Purple Tea is and Is Purple Puerh Tea a good tea, don’t forget to read it on this site. Look it up.

Is purple puerh tea a good tea↹What is Puerh purple tea

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